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Major Update

January 13th, 2011 at 04:11 pm

I forgot all about this place until Saving Advice sent me a birthday greeting in my email! Nice marketing, guys! I seriously need to update everything here.

I have been very, very blessed since I made my last entry in here. Here's the scoop:

1. My wife and I have absolutely zero debt! Debt free!

2. We drive a paid-for 2006 Saturn Vue.

3. We have $18,250 in a savings account for a down payment on a house. We just looked at a really cute house that's selling for $65,000, which is around the price that we want.

4. We have $10,000 in an emergency fund in addition to our other savings.

5. My wife gets to be a stay-at-home dog mom.

6. We tithe 10% of our gross income to our church. I'm just telling you guys because you don't know who I am. Tithing has been so amazing. If you don't do it, I challenge you to do it for a year.

7. We're making plans for baby #1.

8. We are contributing about 12% of our gross income to retirement. One of our goals for 2011 is to raise that to 15%.

9. We do all of this on one teacher's salary.

10. God is good. Sometimes I get scared that things are too good to be true, but we just keep having faith and pushing through hard times as they come.

7 Responses to “Major Update”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    That's amazing! I had a few years of not blogging but I'm so glad I'm back Smile

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    65,000??? That's dirt cheap. You could have that paid off in no time.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    That's what we paid for our house 12 years ago. Sounds like you'd be getting a very good deal.

  4. campfrugal Says:

    Amen! Love to see that you are doing so well walking in the path of the Lord at the age of 26 and that you are tithing. I loved this entry.

  5. Jerry Says:

    It sounds like you guys are making great choices with your money, and it will lead to great things for your family. I agree that 65k is a great price for a house and hope that you are able to find something that works for you. We also tithe and find that it is the best insurance for bringing insight, blessings, and all around goodness to our lives.

  6. Ima saver Says:

    You are doing a very good job!

  7. uk custom papers link Says:

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